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News Flash:  (Last Update 06.10.2020)

Look what I found in the boxes - my sweet and beautiful girl INT.BIS.Multi BIS.CH.Heartfire's The Beat Goes On- Cher, picture after she won BIS in the Israeli International Dog Show May 2007 over 670 dogs. Cher was the first Aussie to win International BIS in the country. I realy hope that soon I will be able to repeat the history with my new generation of Aussies.

30.4.2020 Aussies page was updated
Feb.29th Israeli Herding Dogs Club dog show, the judge was Mr. Yossi Guy, Israel.
I entered my junior girl Levi's Grand True Love AKA Pink who was very appreciated by the judge
and let her shine to the top. the judge pick her to be his BOB,BJIS and BIS3. 
I was so thrilled. 

Also at that event BIS.CH.Levi's Grand Leo (owned by Orly Eichnbaum) was shown at the veteran
class and won BV,BD and BOS and was placed BVIS2. 


Nov.25th International Dog Show, I presented Levi's Grand golden Bean, under judge Mrs. Janiki Steinbok.
Bean was so amazing and the judge realy liked him. he got excellent 1st, CW,CAC,CACIB,BD and BOS.
It was a great day for me as my kids Itamar and Uria were with me at the dog show, we have met one of the funniest talented israeli actors Kobi Maor. 
thank you Dror Abrahamov for the beautiful pictures and thank you also Neri Benbenishti for the wonderful pictures.










On September 14th I have shown Levi's Grand Shay-Lee AKA Shay in the Israeli Terrier Club under judge Mr.Peter Lauber from
Switzerland, who is very well known as a great







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