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News Flash:  (Last Update 3.11.2019)

Nov.25th International Dog Show, I presented Levi's Grand golden Bean, under judge Mrs. Janiki Steinbok.
Bean was so amazing and the judge realy liked him. he got excellent 1st, CW,CAC,CACIB,BD and BOS.
It was a great day for me as my kids Itamar and Uria were with me at the dog show, we have met one of the funniest talented israeli actors Kobi Maor. 
thank you Dror Abrahamov for the beautiful pictures and thank you also Neri Benbenishti for the wonderful pictures.

On September 14th I have shown Levi's Grand Shay-Lee AKA Shay in the Israeli Terrier Club under judge Mr.Peter Lauber from 
Switzerland, who is very well known as a great
Terrier person and judge. Judge Peter loved Shay very much and let her win all the way to the BOB. at that show Shay also earned her second CAC. 
this was so exciting to read what he has thinking on Shay. there is her critique: 
דוח שיפוט

lovely type, very nice head and expression scissor bite, well set and carried ears, dark eyes, lovely front very good topline. well placed shoulders very good angulated, well set tail. coat a bit short, moves well. temperment should be more outgoing

     "lovely type, very nice head and expression scissor bite,well set  and carried ears, dark eyes, lovely front very good topline.well
       placed shoulders very good angulated, well set tail. coat a bit short, moves well. temprament should be more outgoing."
Right after the breed judge of the Parson Russele Terrier we drove to the Israeli Herding Club Show that was placed about 30min driving, to show 
Levi's Grand Golden Bean AKA Bean. after a long hourse of waitting Bean presented himself so beautifuly with his easy going moving, the only minus of him was
the fact he is out of coat 
beacuse of the summer of Israel. But even then Bean won his first CAC CW, BD and BOB over special bitches. I was so happy and proud
on my golden boy.
The judge was well known judge Mrs. Redilica Anna from Poland who breeds Corgies for years and judge the group in so many countries.
I have special thanks to my best friend and partner Nihad Mishriky
Well there are few pictures from that day:


In December 2015 we had double Aussies Specialty over 50 dogs were entered,

I am so thrilled, JCH.Levi's Grand Prince Black, AKA Black, won BD,BOB/BISS - under great honored senior judge Mrs. Nannette Newbury,
I had this great honored the Nannette had put her hands on my dog, felt his body looked into his eyes, and checked his movement and loved
him the best over 40 Aussies. I am so proud and honored and thrilled!!!

Later that day in second Specialty - the same dog was judged under Breeder judge Mrs. Angie Allen (AllMARK Aussies) and got R.CAC
with a beautifuly critque, Thank you very much Mrs. Angie Allen for feeling my dog allover an loved him so much, this is a once in a lifetime day
for me and for Levi's Grand Kennel. 
I Would Like to thank to some people that without them this day would never happen for me- the first is my
best friend ,Co-Owner of Black, Dror Abrahmov.

but there are two special ladies who I consider as my mentors the very best breeders, Mrs. Flo McDaniel and Mrs. Vicki Wehrle who sent
me the grandfather of Black - who knows as BISS.Multi BIS.CH.GCH.INT CH. McMatt;s Graffiti EZ Dance Into Israel-AKA Spotty. Spotty produced
his great great qualities to his puppies and to his next generations.....

Also BIS.CH. Levi's Grand Tyson also a son of Spotty(owned by Therese Barki) won the Champion class and R.BD under judge Mrs. Angie Allen

thank so much Flo McDaniel and Vicki Wehrle


Isis my pretty girl was 12.4 years old. in her last week she just could not stand on her legs anymore.
my heart is missing a beat with out her. mt dear dear littele girl, there is no word to express how much I love you,
how much I miss you, I think of you everyday, the kids- Itamar and Uria are asking about you. Itamar was said to see you in your last 
week and as you know he walk with you and with me in your last day including the last moment, he said goodbye to you then.
I love you Isis so much and I will allways will, I miss you so much, this is so hard to lose my friends, my only friends in such a short time,
I am not sure I will be able to stand any more losts such as I lost you as I lost Cher Spotty Rossa, no mater the reason but the fact can't
hug you anymore, I can't be support by your very comfort love to me.  
there is no word to express my broken heart, I love you Isis and I miss you so much.

March 29,2014, Double Dog Show by the Israeli Herding Dog Club, 3 great senior judges,
Mrs. Jolanda Negller Magal was judging all the breeds at the club except to the Border Collies
that were judging by the specialist senior breeder Mrs.Judith Gregory.  
What a thrill, today at the Israeli Herding Dog club dog show,under great judge Igor Selimovic
 from Croatia, CH.Riveredge Grand Tornado,
imported from the USA bred by 
Mallissa Brownwon GCAC
BD BOB over 23 Border Collies
and placed R.BIS, Tornado daughter 

Levi's Grand Top Model Masha won her class to be BP also in breed
and then she climb her way 
to be placed second BPIS.
I am so proud of my Border Collies... 
Tornado and Masha were placed 2ed in
the braces competition. 

JCH.Levi's Grand Wild Irish Rose,AKA Rossa
won open bitch class and awarded with her
second CAC, she needs one more CAC to finish
her Israeli champion ship.

BIS.CH.Levi's Grand Mogli, won the chmapions
class and awarded with GCAC, then he lost in the Best Dog Competition to his half brother Levi's grand King Tyson

who also finished his Israeli champion ship at that day. Congratulations to Tyson and his owners Theres and Alon.

December Club Dog Show was very special event, 3 judges in one event, Mr.Yossi Guy who judged 
the Border Collies and Collies, Mr. Eitan Handel was judging the Australian Shepherd and Shelties, 
Dr.Rita Trainin the one and only :) was judging the rest of the club breeds and in the main ring for BPIS,
BJIS and BIS.  

November 2012, Israeli Dog Show actually it was double club dog show under senior breeder judges,
Mrs. Myrna Shibolet and Mrs. Ildiko Muzslai from Hungary.

Well under judge Mrs. Myrna Shibolet we did OK, under Judge Mrs. Ildiko Muzslai we did awesome,
Levi's Grand Mogli was the rising star and won CAC from both judges, and with that he finished
his Israeli championship, But under Mrs. Ildiko Muzslai  Mogli climbed his way to be BD BOB and placed 
just next to the BIS to be his first runner.
it was just a great results for us and I was sooooo proud.
more of this event before the main ting we have participated in the brace competition with CH.Levi's Grand Mogli 
and JCH.Levi's Grand Dolly Parton and were placed 1st also at the breeding competition we have placed
in the 1st place, thank you so much Mrs. Ildiko Muzslai for loving my Aussies and type

click here to see pictures of these events.

What a wonderful International Dog show we had last weekend. October 13,2012, this International dog Show also permitted for the first time
for Israel to give qulification to Crufts.

At the border collies ring i have shown just CH.Riveredge Grand Tornado,Tornado was entered in the champion class males
and won Excellent #1,CW,GCAC,CACIB,BD and BOS. I was so happy as Tornado was not at the best coat condition still since the summer.
With the BD title he also got crufts Qualify for 2013.

At the Parson Russel Terrier ring I have shown only Heyley and a champion class females, Heyley has kept our pride
to win, EX.1, GCAC,CACIB,BB,BOB and of course she is Crufts Qualify for 2013. Thank you so much judge Mr.Shaun Watson

At the Aussies ring we also had great and surprising results, there were 21 Aussies registered 16 of them go back to Levi's
Grand or connected to my dogs some how.
At the Junior Class Females, Levi's Grand Dolly Parton won EX/1,JCAC and with that she qualified to Crufts 2013.
in the Open Class Females we had another 2 bitches to compete, when I showed JCH.Levi's Grand Wild Irish Rose to her CAC,
then she kept hitting in the ring to win my champion bitch Diva at  the Best Bitch competition and Rosa was chosen for being BOS,
Also Rosa  is Crufts  Qualified for 2013.
CH.levi'sGrand Sexy Diva won the champion class with Ex1,CW and GCAC.

With the boys I have shown Levi's Grand Mogli for his first time ever and he beat all the other dogs he had in the open class Males,
to win his first CAC,
I was so proudt at him also because it was seems like the judge had rough decision between him to the ch.winner for the BD.

I would like to say that the judge of he BCs and Aussies was MR. Svend Lovenkjaer, I had great honored to meet
Mr.Lovenkjaer and to get his criques that I understood all the written and agree with everyword, bad as good, thank
you judge for the professionalism and patient for the our dogs and handlers and when we had to switch dogs between
the classes.

BIS.CH.RisingStar UnderCover Officer - GCAC,CACIB,BD,BOB Crufts qualification 2013
JCH.Levi's Grand Wild Irish Rose- CAC,CACIB,BB,BOS,Crufts Qualification 2013

BPIS.Levi's Grand Dolly Parton- JCAC,Crufts qualification 2013 

CH.Riveredge Grand Tornado- GCAC,BD,CACIB,BOS Crufts qualification 2013

CH.JCH.Lovealoch Incredible- GCAC,BB,CACIB,BOB,Crufts qualification 2013

March 24h,2012. Israeli Herding Dog Club Under judge Dr.Zafra Sirik, we had great time out there, the club celebrated for the first time ever event that over 100 dogs had registred to the events of the club.
Mrs. Angela Harvey from England, breeder judge of the Collies, has judged the Rough Collies and the Smooth Collie and Dr.Zafra Sirki has judged all the other breeds of the Israeli Herding Dog Club.
Our Border Collie CH.Riveredge Grand Tornado placed second at the champion class males.
Our new import Aussie RisingStar UnderCover -Dominic main owner Niv Zadik from Roei Hakfar won his 3ed CAC and became an Israeli Champion, with that he climbed his way to become  BOB and BIS, officialy Dom is a multi BIS.
BIS.BJIS.JCH.Levi's Grand Tyson owned by Theres and Alon Barki was awarded the R.CAC.  

January 21,2012
We started the new year with a very nice results at the Israeli herding dog club Dog Show, the judge was Mr. Luis Pinto texiera (portugal).
my new Baby Levi's Grand Dolly Parton - won Best Puppy In Breed and climbed her way to be the Best Puppy In Show, it is a great honored as the judge realy liked her.
in the open Clas, Levi's Grand Link To Dance won the Open Class, but did not won to the CAC or the R.CAC this time as the CAC went to our new import bis.RisingStars Undercover(co-owned with Niv Zadik), and the R.CAC went to JCH.Levi's Grand tyson (own by Theres and Alon Barki). from the Champion class females CH.Levi's Grand Sexy Diva won the class to be BB and BOS.
This time we allready showed to veterans we have, BIS.CH.Levi's Grand Skipper Paz who won the veteran in the breed and later of the day was placed second in the BVIS. the second Veteran we had was INT.CH.ISL.CH. Isis our Dutch Shepherd,  Isis was handled beautifuly by my lovely wife, Michaella, and she handled Isis to be the CW,BV and BOB.
In the Border Collies section we showed CH.Riveredge Grand Tornado, and were placed second in the champion class, with a R.GCAC.
we had great time at the dog show meeting old friends and new friends, I had lots of fun with my wife and some of the old dogs we have and I can't wait to the next Israeli Herding Club dog show.

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