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BJIS.MULTI BIS.CH.McMatt's EZ Dance Into Israel 


Spotty is known also as  McMatt's Graffiti Spotlight, I had the honored to import from the USA into Israel. 
Spotty is Co-bred by Flo McDaniel McMatt's Kennel and Vicki Wehrle Graffiti Kennel

Spotty in a very young age,17 months old, finished his Israel Chapionship with one Best Junior In Show and 
and 4 Best In Show of all breeds in the club. he was placed 2ed in the herding group when he was less
then 15 months old, lets see what else Spotty will do in the show ring and out....

Flo, there are not enough words to say THANK YOU for this boy, wich I love him every day more and more, he makes me laugh he makes me pride, he just makes me feel good.
I could not see my self doing out cross in my breeding with other dog. 

Spotty is a charming, biddable, kind hearted boy. A mover machine with such a beautiful side gait, perfect foot placement and eye catching markings make him a contender in the ring. 

DOB: 28/8/2008
Full Dentition Scissor bite
MDR1 DNA: Normal/Mutant
Cataract DNA: clear
CEA DNA: clear
PRA DNA:clear
Spotty Pedigree



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