Australian Shepherd
                      Parson Russel Terrier
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BJIS.JCH.RisinStar Wild Irish Rose-Tera
                                                                            DOB: 15/01/2009
                                                                            HD- A
                                                                                  Full Dentiton Scissor bite
                                                                            Eyes Tested clear
                                                                        MDR1 DNA: Mutant/Mutant
                                                                           Co-Owned with Lior Sharf

Tera is owned by Lior Sharf and Co-owned by me. 
Again I am so thankful to Lior for taking care so well to Terra. 
Terra do very well at the dog shows, she finished her Junior Champion at only two dog when she was placed as BOB and second BIS. She is so sweet and smart and funny she is so naturally trained. Thank you so much for letting Terra to be with us- Sarah and Linda Bowdish of RisinStar Kennel.


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