Australian Shepherd
                      Parson Russel Terrier
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BIS.BJIS.JCH.Levi's Grand Sharf Roz
Roz is Co-owned with my friend Niv Zadik. Roz came to us by an accident litter.
But as always what made by accident litter must be from love and must be very special,
and this is just the case, Roz in a very young age by awesome movement great attitude,
exceptional attendance in the ring she made her self easily JCH 2 times BIS and BJIS under
great senior English judges, one time BJIS under senior honored Belgium judge and second
place at the BIS with the same judge, she won some very nice champions of both gender.
and she is just adorable. I would like to thank my friend Niv from Roei Hakfar Kennel that loves her
and taking care of her so much, and thank you for showing her.
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