Australian Shepherd
                      Parson Russel Terrier
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From Our Past 
But Allways In Our Heart

The dogs listed below have all had an effect on my life.  

BISS.BIS.GCH.CH.INT CH. McMatt's Graffiti EZ Dance Into Israel-Spotty



                            28/8/2007 -  10/7/2014

Spotty, this is how I am going to remember you for good, with your smile all over your face, you were such a perfect dog, such a good boy, allways pleased me, allways my shadow, where ever I went you were sticked to me leg. my heart is broken and missed you so much, there are no words that can express my pain since you gone. I love you son 

I am sure you are an angel above us.

 INT.BIS.CH.multi BOB winner, HeartFire's The Beat Goes On-Cher

DOB:18/8/2003 - 16/1/2014

Cher, I remember the first day I met you with your breeder, Juile Humeston, in California. I failed in your charm immidiately, I knew you are going to be my girl, and you were, such a naughty girl, you never growned up, even when you were 10 years old, you were jumping and behaving like you are 2 years.... sadly this is also what seprated us eventually. But I want you to know that I will allways love you, You are in my heart actually your are my heart, You taught me so many new things on my self, run free with your new and old friends, and wait for me. 

       DOB: 15/04/03 DOD: 24/03/2013
       pll dna:CLEAR
       Height: 36.5cm
       full Dentition
       ISBR: 13654
       Cody Pedigree

Cody, you were the angel of this house, so cute so charming, there were no one but no one who could say anything bad about you, every body, every one so your humanity soft expression and felt your honest love and tail shaking. 
you amazed me how you were waitting that Urria Aviv the new baby of the house will come home after his birth, just then you crossed the rainbow after you saw him. we felt your soul in our baby Urria Aviv,how you protecting him. you are a magic tthat will never disapired of my heart.  I love you so much dear. 

 DOB: 13/1/2010- DOD: 21/8/2013

Sadly we have lost our beloved JCH.Levi's Grand Wild Irish Rossa in August 21th,2013, Rossa my lovely naughty girl you will allways be a main peace of my heart,just can't believe it!

CH.RisingStar Wilde Irish Rose              
DOB: 15.1.2009 - 1.8.2019                                                                                       

Terra was a naughty naughty girl and she had a tones of charisma. we lost her for the worst diseases
 with lots of sorrow and pain. 
D.O.B: 20/12/04- D.O.D 4/7/2016
Full Dentiton Scissor bite
Eyes tested ECVO clear
MDR1 DNA: Normal/Normal
Cataract DNA: carried
CEA DNA: clear
PRA DNA: clear

Skipper's pedigree

JCH.Levi's Grand Link To Dance- Link 

DOD: 5/5/2013

Isis my pretty girl was 12.4 years old. in her last week she just could not stand on her legs anymore.
my heart is missing a beat with out her. mt dear dear littele girl, there is no word to express how much I love you,
how much I miss you, I think of you everyday, the kids- Itamar and Uria are asking about you. Itamar was said to see you in your last 
week and as you know he walk with you and with me in your last day including the last moment, he said goodbye to you then.
I love you Isis so much and I will allways will, I miss you so much, this is so hard to lose my friends, my only friends in such a short time,
I am not sure I will be able to stand any more losts such as I lost you as I lost Cher Spotty Rossa, no mater the reason but the fact can't
hug you anymore, I can't be support by your very comfort love to me.  
there is no word to express my broken heart, I love you Isis and I miss you so much.


Roei Hakfar Tiger Lilly- Lully

Full Dentition,Scissor bite
HSF4 DNA:clear
CEA DNA:clear

ISBR: 111051
DOB: 10/08/2010
Full Dentiton and Scissors bite
Bred By Rotem Chen Own by Snir Orr-Levi

Kelly Mckay Paz Ofir

ISBR: 103523
DOB: 26/4/2007
Full Dentiton and Scissors bite
Eyes tested by ECVO- Clear

 Levi's Grand Top Russian Model Masha

     DOB: 28/05/09
    pll dna:clear
    full Dentition
    ISBR: 13444
  Enzo von Schloss Tannbach    
  pll dna:clear by parentage 
  full Dentition

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