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BJIS BIS Levi's Grand Sailor Star

At the next pictures, you absolutely can see that Sailor knows how much daddy loves him. 
Such a special boy, he is a good boy, a real gentleman 
Sailor has lots of respect to me and to his real father Skipper, this is amazing to see how sailor watching Skipper and learning from him.  Sailor behave like a real old brother to the other youngs in the family, he plays with them bugs them and then  he is teaching them to behave. 
Sailor is fast learning, very strong dog with charming temperament.

At less then one year old Sailor did BJIS and BIS in the Israeli Herding Dogs Club over specials. 
                                                             "I am so happy you are at home now ."

Sailor pedigree 
Sailor Eyes Test ECVO


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