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RIP.CH.  Levi's Grand Double Falsh

Falshy came to me, from unplanned litter by Skipper and Cher, 
But as he was born I knew this boy is spcial. 
this boy is very strong with his father charming gentlmen behavior. 
at the pictures below you will be able to see his built,angulationsand elegance. 
This is not the finale pictures of Flashy as he just 9 months old at the pictures. 
and I am keeping him for the special dog shows.....

Flashy died in his last owner runch. 
A very sad situation when his owners lived him to die instead of taking care of him to take him to a vet.

I will never forget you Flashy, I love you so much and I know that I will see you after the bridge.


DOB: 26/1/2008
 Gender: Male
ISBR: 104815


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