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As you may have guessed, my name is Snir-Orr Levi. I was born on October 11th 1981 into a wonderful family. I couldn't have asked for better, more loving parents than mine. I also have a brother who is about two years older than me and we have a special bond.

So how did I get into dogs in general and Aussies in particular?

Ever since I remember myself, I loved dogs and all other animals. As a child, I would gather in any animal I would run into on the street and seemed homeless – dogs, cats, pigeons, bees, turtles, snails, you name it… At first, my mother wasn't very happy to find all these creatures at home, but in due time she just got used to it.

In Israel, every person must enlist for military duty after high-school. I joined an elite combat unit and became a combat soldier. About half way through my service, I was injured in training and was discharged after undergoing sever trauma.

Following my discharge, I spent eight months at home, depressed, distanced myself from my friends, family and anyone who tried to cheer me up and help me.

In October 2002, my parents were on a trip to the USA and I was home alone. I was lonelier than ever and my 21st birthday was getting closer. I told my parents on the phone I would get myself a birthday present – a pure-bred dog, so I may feel less lonely. So I began looking for a dog in various kennels near my home town, and finally reached one kennel where I met an angel.

I called her Shay Lee (my gift) and from the moment we united she amazed me. I began to feel free, returned to my former self before the military trauma. Began to love and be loved and to listen to others, opened up.

This is when I realized I wanted to breathe and live dogs. I wanted to learn how to train dogs and help dogs that needed the help of a trainer so they would retain their home.

I returned to the kennel from which I had bought Shay Lee and began a dog training course.

The same kennel also raised Australian Shepherds. One day at the kennel, I laid eyes on an Aussie, a black tricolor, who gazed into my eyes and found his way into my heart. I felt I must get better acquainted with him and wanted him at my side.

So with a little help from a friend at the kennel, after negotiations with his owners, that Aussie found his way into my home on breeder's terms. This was Shoreland's Frankly Speaking ("Frankie") who became my buddy for six months. I handled him at shows, did quite nicely and we became quite the team.

I remember when Shay Lee whelped – he was the only dog she would allow to approach the puppy and lick it. Frankie would lick the puppy and was gentle, as though he was the puppy's mom and dad rolled up into one.

When Frankie had to return to his owners, my heart broke. Frankie took a big chunk of my heart with him and he will always have a warm place deep in my heart.

I then realized I wanted to breed Aussies and knew I would want Frankie's offspring. Luckily, he is a stud dog that has produced some of the best Aussies in Israel.

Two weeks after Frankie returned to his owners, I suffered another terrible setback when I lost both Shay Lee and her pup. I was convinced then that she had been an angel who had to leave once she had made sure I was strong and healthy. However, I wept over her for two weeks like a father who had lost his daughter.

Two horrible weeks elapsed without a dog. My situation declined again, I was sad and depressed. But then my new best friend arrived, a Dutch Shepherd this time. All the members of the household fell in love at first sight with Isis, my "eldest daughter". She loves to love me and please me, gives lots of kisses and is just perfect.

However, I still felt the need for Aussies – some of Frankie's offspring, and this is why I now have Tiffany and Skipper who are half-brothers on Frankie's side, as well as lovely Joy, Tiffany's littermate.

So what about Jazzy? I actually helped out a friend who breeds Border Collies and could not take care of one of his litters himself. Jazzy is one of the greatest bitches I have ever had, she is so bright and eye-catching and I therefore named her Jazzy. She is sparkling both at home and in the show ring and one just cannot ignore her.

So these are my four beloved "children". I always wanted to become a father and in a certain way this is how I feel towards these four souls.

So enjoy them on my site, because it is dedicated to them.

"daddy" Snir-Orr Levi .

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